LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

Sometimes, you need the guests at your event to feel like royalty.

Maybe you need to crown a new king and queen at the big dance, maybe you need to get some funny pictures of the boss at work, maybe you're trying to celebrate the newlyweds. If you've ever needed a rental throne to add a bit of a royal touch to an event, Display Group welcomes you to our kingdom.

From Michigan to Chicago and beyond, Display Group has a selection of rental event thrones fit for a king, queen, or anyone else who dares to approach the throne. Available in a number of colors and designs to bring a touch of class and royalty to any event space, our king & queen chairs are just what you need to create a space at the head of a table, give the bride and groom the lavish seating they deserve, or just create a photo opportunity for passers-by at your trade show booth or other corporate event.

They say nobody wins the game of thrones, but Display Group's talented family of event designers say otherwise. As the king of event furnishing in the Metro Detroit area, Display Group can help you find the perfect rental throne to go with the rest of your event rentals or party furniture. Contact us today. (Please note that all throne orders have a $500 minimum. Thank you!)