Occasional Tables

领导 Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

Occasional Table Rentals

Some tables are 太 big, some tables are 太 small, but these occasional tables are just right.

Occasional tables, long fixtures of living rooms, 洞穴, and anywhere else with a sofa, can come in pretty handy for event planning, 太. Their small 大小 makes them versatile enough to fit into crowded areas without detracting from the amount of floor space available to your guests, while adding the sort of usable surface you need in a table - and hey, they’re pretty fun to look at, 太.

Whether you need to match your decor, prop up a few lamps, or just give your guests somewhere else to set down their drink, occasional tables can be just the thing.

Occasional Tables for 事件s

Occasional tables can find a home at events, right alongside rental dining tables or rental cocktail tables. Their small 大小 lets you tuck them into areas that might not support larger furniture, while still adding functional table space.

Their small 大小 makes them perfect for display and decor, as well. Our range of occasional table rentals offers a number of options for color, 大小, and shape, allowing you to fit in with events of any theme or style, even if you’re just using them to prop up some event vases or smaller rental event greenery. No matter what you need them for, we think our event occasional tables are a perfect fit for your next event, 婚礼, or party, even if your guests only use them...occasionally.