LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

Stanchion Rentals & Rope Rentals

If you really want to give your event the red-carpet touch, our rental stanchions are the perfect finishing touch. 

Perfect for designating an entryway to your event, roping off certain areas or displays, or just helping to ‘shape’ the space of your event in a more stylish way than walls or signage can create. Sure, there’s a lot of other options for event crowd control, but few of them offer quite the same classy, debonair stylings. 

Imagine the thrill your guests will get when being allowed beyond the velvet rope as they enter your invite-only event. Picture how much classier your product reveal will look with velvet rope lining the tables. Or even just think about how fun it is to have velvet rope around the rental dining tables you’re using to hold up the catering?

Whatever your need for rental stanchions or rental velvet ropes, Display Group has the color and stanchion options for events of nearly any size. Pair them with our Hollywood themed rentals to create the ultimate red carpet experience!