Signage Stands

LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

Event Sign Holders & Event Signage

If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to announce your presence at an event, or just help your guests find their way there - well, consider this a sign.

Event signage can be a crucial part of nearly any event. Trade shows need their branding, corporate events could always use a little extra wayfinding for their guests, and wedding guests need to know where they sit (and who they’re sitting with). Display Group offers rental event signs for nearly any occasion, no matter what you need a sign for.

Our rental easels, sign boards, and sandwich boards can help you draw attention to your booth, tell your guests what conference room the big event is being held in, or just help your family find the right wedding in case something got double-booked. Perfect for use as wayfinding signs, branding displays, or just an excuse to have your name visible to your guests. 

Each of these signs can be further customized by our event fabrication team to help create a sign that matches with the look you’re going for, from company branding to just using your favorite colors at your wedding.

If you’re looking to really light up the night, we also have a range of light tower rentals that can be customized to the colors of your choosing, perfect for matching your brand colors, or just adding a little extra glow to the party as the night wears on. Whatever you need in a sign, and wherever you need it to be, trust Display Group to help you find your way. Contact us today and get started on designing the directional signs, branded signs, or wedding guest sign your event has been waiting for.