LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

If you're trying to establish the perfect atmosphere for your wedding, party, or event, sometimes regular event lighting needs a little help to set the mood.

Whether you need your guests to see a little light, or you want some extra accessories to coordinate with the decor of your party, our rental decorative lanterns are just the thing. These lanterns are perfect for hanging from the ceiling, mounting on a table, or dangling from the walls to create exactly the look you need while still providing light. Compatible with either candles to create a more mysterious, exotic mood, or standard lightbulbs to illuminate your event in style, each lantern offers different globe colors to help complement or contrast with the event decor and event furniture you've already picked out.

Wedding lanterns, lanterns for theme parties, hanging lanterns for traditional ceremonies - whatever the cause for celebration, our rental lanterns combine style and function in a way you just couldn't get out of the usual stand-up lamps. Help add a splash of color, a shine of light, and an alluring style to your event with our lantern rentals.

If you need to rent lanterns for your event, contact Display Group today!