LED Mood Orb
Stylish accent option. Can be set to multiple colors!
9” diameter

Sometimes for your event to really shine, the right furniture isn't enough. For the perfect event, you need the perfect event backdrop to take your guests to another world and set the right mood to go with your event furniture and decor. That's where our event backdrops come in.

Printed on a variety of fabrics, our event backdrop rentals are available in a range of sizes to help transform your space and take your party to the next level. From spooky Halloween landscapes to quiet, rustic pubs, and even to the sights and sounds of the Motor City itself, our backdrops can provide the perfect finishing touch to your event design and help your event furniture stand out better than before. 

Each backdrop is available in standardized sizes (as well as custom-fit options) to help fit the unique space of your event, and these backdrops can be hung on stands to create a landscape effect, or our team can help custom-fit them to your existing event displays to add a more decorative look across your bars, background displays, and columns. 

From New Orleans to Dublin, from the glory days of Motown to the glamour of Las Vegas, our event backdrops can help transport your guests the second they step onto your dance floor. Contact Display Group today and let us help you find the perfect backdrop for your event.